One of the most common problems of private companies is the provision of a constant cash-flow. Maybe the main difficulty consists in the timely and full collection of debts from clients.
In support of our clients, we aim at providing commercial solutions in order to prevent such problems, and, in case they arise, to solve them more rapidly and at the lowest possible costs. Therefore, we create, together with our clients, the agreements and business schemes so as to reduce as much as possible the risks of the commercial operations.
In cases of payment delays, we recommend the prior performance of an amiable procedure in a rigorous manner. For this procedure we have pre-established “debt collection” solutions, for small debts and complex solutions including strategies and negotiations for large debts resulting from extended commercial relations, providing alternative solutions for the extinguishment of debts.
Debts which cannot be collected in an amiable manner fundamentally follow the collection procedure before courts of law or courts of arbitration, field in which we are widely experienced, being able to assist and represent clients in any kind of procedures, before any courts, both in common law procedures and in emergency procedures, applicable as the case may be.
The next phase is the forced execution phase, for which we have developed fructuous collaborations with several bailiffs, whom we have selected for the rapid manner in which they fulfil forced execution, as well as for their vast experience. Moreover, one of the outcomes of this long term collaboration is that we can obtain lesser bailiff fees for our clients. Likewise, a result of the financial blockage is the insolvency. With regard to this procedure, we assist our clients, regardless if they are creditors, debtors or company directors. The important volume of our work has resulted in the development of close collaborations with insolvency practitioners involved either in the actual insolvency procedure or only as consultants.