Our lawyers have substantial experience in assisting real estate transactions for residential, commercial, industrial and office building projects, providing legal advice throughout the entire project or for certain determined phases. Thus, we can provide our clients’ assistance from the conception of the project until its valorification (the analysis of ownership documents and the performance of due diligence, the drawing-up of transaction documents, including joint ventures, shareholder agreements, asset & property management agreements, leasing & services agreements, project finance & financing documentation).

We provide our clients with assistance during negotiations and in finding creative and flexible solutions for settling negotiation blockages, the drafting, negotiation and drawing-up of all kinds of agreements necessary for the erection of constructions (including FIDIC contracts), the drawing-up of lease or sale-purchase agreement, taking into consideration the financial aspect of the project, ensuring at the same time the current project management.

Together with our external collaborators on financial and tax related issues, we try to accomplish a transaction structure oriented around the financial aspect of the project and taking into consideration the total costs involved, maximizing our clients’ benefits.